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Rapture RDY

Rapture RDY, one of the partners offering this service, has successfully gotten multiple songs of his on the radio, & received multiple royalty checks as a result, with just one of them earning over $1000, and all the others earning $100s as well. Rapture RDY wants to help other artists earn a living off their music and grow their fanbase, so in partnership with Augmented, he helped launch this service so you can experience the same success he did!


Rich G founded Augmented as a lifestyle and entertainment company with a core focus on music, and a mission to help as many artists achieve their dreams as possible. Augmented wants to help as many creatives get heard & get exposure as we can. From our artist services, our music management software Fasttrak, artist education courses, and our own original art releases, we are fully ingrained in the music industry and larger creative space.

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